- TWYN -


Client : Semester Project

Date : 10 August 2015





TWYN – easy conversion from bench to table.


Due to the modular and flexible construction of this furniture set you are no longer restricted to the common use of the single components. TWYN is designed in a way that allows you to assemble bench and table from the same elements. This enables an individual adaption of the furniture set to different situations and events.

One furniture set contains three basic elements which can be used to build four different combinations of tables and benches. Furthermore, the system can be individualized with a broad spectrum of colors and materials to meet your vision of design.

The system can be stored space-saving and conversion of benches into a table and vice versa is fast as no screws are required for fixation. The stability of the system is simply based on the rules of statics.

Whether you need seats for your guests at a party or tables for a buffet – TWYN always fulfills your requirements.



One is not limited by the modular and adaptable construction method of this furniture set any more longer on the given range of application of the single elements of a beer bank set, but is adaptable in the use. For every situation and every occasion, the perfect individual combination gets itself.

This furniture set is so constructed that pass table as well as bank of the same components.

A set encloses three sets. Five combinations thereby get themselves with only one set.

Folded up she can be stowed away in order to save space. Editions and rack are not connected firmly and attain her connection and only stability by the laws of the statics. It plays no role whether a grill party is planned and tables are needed for the refreshment bar or several benches.

With TWYN the suitable number can be always put together at tables and benches.

The rack allows by different materials and colours an individuation after your predilections.




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